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First Unitarian Outreach Partners receive 50% of the collections in the service offertory basket for 2 months. A minimum of two opportunities to be involved in the organization’s work are offered during the same 2 month time period. To learn more about the Community Outreach Partner Program, including how to apply, go to

January / February 2017
We donated $3021 to support the work of Iowa Justice for our Neighbors.At two IJFON legal clinics, 15 UU volunteers provided a light meal and/or assisted clients with filling out intake forms necessary for the immigration attorney to provide advice and counsel.

November / December 2016
We donated $3263 to support the work of Crossroads of Iowa. Two forums were held to teach others about the important work Crossroads is doing to provide support services to men and women in prison for drug-related crimes.

family-promise-logo September / October 2016
Family Promise is a network of congregations who provide housing and support to families experiencing homelessness. We hosted 3 families with 4 adults and 10 children from 10/23-10/30. Over 75 volunteers provided over 300 hours of service and we donated $2987 through the offering to support our work with Family Promise. First Unitarian will host Family Promise 4 weeks each year. Please see the SignUp link on the bottom of the homepage to volunteer to help for our next hosting week!

ywrc-logo July / August 2016
We donated $2535 to Young Women’s Resource Center and about 40 volunteers gave more than 105 hours by making meals and providing child care at YWRC.

LinkAssoc May / June 2016
We donated $2848 to Link Associates and 20 volunteers gave more than 35 hours of service by joining in on leisure activities such as softball, karaoke, and crafts, with the population Link Associates serves. In addition, the R.E. class made decorations for Link Associates’ Star Spangled Banner Dance.

March / April 2016
We donated $2233 to Central Iowa Shelter and Services and 19 volunteers provided 40 hours of service, to help support people experiencing homelessness. In addition, 36 bags of clothing and toiletries were donated by members and friends of First Unitarian.

January / February 2016
We donated $2847 to Family Promise of Greater Des Moines and 30 volunteers helped serve meals on 3 occasions, served as overnight hosts, and organized meetings to train volunteers and discuss possibilities of First Unitarian becoming a future host. In addition, more than 35 bedding items were donated by members and friends of First Unitarian.

EMBARC_Logo November / December 2015
We donated $2717.49 to EMBARC and 60 volunteers helped organize and host an end-of-semester party for K-2nd grade refugees from Burma, and hosted a potluck and ice-skating gathering for middle school students through the EMBARC organization.

DaysforGirls September / October 2015
Over $6,000 raised. Volunteers came together to sew and compile feminine hygiene kits for girls and women. We completed 145 kits and compiled another 35 kits just waiting for their carry bags.

July / August 2015
$2563.12 raised for Monsoon Inc. Twenty volunteers put in a collective of 100 hours working to build a fence and help improve the house Monsoon Inc. is preparing as a shelter for victims / survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Asian and Pacific Islander (API) communities in Iowa.