Birch Spick

Change the Harvest

For some witches and Pagans, Lammas is the first of three points in the year honoring the harvest. It asks... Read More →

The Longest Night

Despite the prevailing messages around us, this season is not always merry and bright. In a year when so much... Read More →

Tending the Darkness

In the midst of a growing pandemic, the darker, colder days of winter can feel even more foreboding as we... Read More →

The Big Reveal

Click here for video (YouTube) In its original Greek, apokálupsis meant an uncovering, a revelation, an event revealing the true... Read More →

The Good Place

Click here for video (YouTube) 9:15 am and 11 am Celebrant, Birch Spick and Meg Notch We center the value... Read More →

Of Many Roots and Branches

10 am Celebrant, Meg Notch Ours is a living tradition, one ever unfurling, drawing from many spiritual and philosophical roots. Each of us here bring our past, present, and future experiences to bear in this shared tradition. But what keeps us here in community, among all our differences? Join us as we hear members of our congregation reflect on the influences that shape their Unitarian Universalist experiences. "Sunny Side Up" arranged by Peter Kopelson sung by mens' octet