Harvey Harrison

Transformative Transitional Ministry

>>Click on the Sermon title to access YouTube link of the sermon<< With the imminent departure of Rev. Mark Stringer in June, following 16 years of ministry to our congregation, a patchwork service of looking back to the interim ministry of the Rev. Annie Holmes who served with us from 1999-2001. In a month in which we are considering what it means to be a community of transformation, we’ll hear from long-time members who recall the transformations that Annie helped us begin.

A Life Transformed

Watch the Video (YouTube link) with Harvey Harrison, member; Celebrant: Barb Martin. When Harvey Harrison retired from his law practice in 2011, he did not anticipate becoming an activist on issues of racial justice. Michelle Alexander’s book, The New Jim Crow and the NAACP booklet, Born Suspect changed all of that. Becoming involved in the … Continued