Rev. Erin Gingrich

Life After the Election

Watch the Video (YouTube link); Watch the Video of the Celebrant Reflection (YouTube link). >Trump’s bigotry is a pointed expression of many people’s feelings.  If Trump loses, as it seems he will, where will that anger and blame go after the election? What will happen when our nation’s first African American presidency is followed by … Continued

We Remember Them: A Festival of Remembrance Service

Watch the Video (YouTube link) > For this, our traditional end-of-October service of remembrance to honor those who have died and to celebrate the continuity of life, we will together create an altar adorned with items that we think would be beautiful to our departed loved ones. All who attend are encouraged to bring photos, … Continued

Reflections on Learning

9:15 & 11:00 am: Rev. Erin will reflect on some of the ideas and books she is engaging during her study leave. Celebrant: Chancy Bittner

Flower Communion

9:15 & 11:00 am Flower communion is an annual multi-generational celebration of the many gifts we experience in community. Please bring a flower or two to the service, either picked or purchased, to share with others as a symbol of your unique presence in our community. We will hold our child dedication ceremony during the … Continued

Question Box Service

9:15 am ONLY It is our convention to have only one service on the day of our congregations annual meeting at 9:15. On this day, the sermon is replaced by a question box in which the congregation asks questions and one of the minsters responds. As Rev. Erin finishes her second year with our congregation, … Continued

Giving and Receiving

9:15 & 11 am: with Rev. Erin Gingrich; Celebrant: Carissa Fields UU minister Jaco ten Hove writes, “I may lift up and articulate well the principle of interdependence, but then live out of an exaggerated independence. To the extent that any of us are able to ask for help, we invite that life-giving spirit to … Continued

Love, No Matter What

9:15 & 11 am with Rev. Erin Gingrich. In preparation of becoming parents, Rev. Erin and her husband have been listening to a series of TED talks called “Advice to Help You Be a Great Parent”. What makes for great parenting of our own children or of those in our community?  With our monthly theme … Continued

We Are Because of Others

9:15 & 11 am: with Rev. Erin Gingrich; Celebrant: Patty Notch. People often say it is their desire for community rather than God that brings them to First Unitarian. What do we find in community that is of ultimate concern and meaning? What helps to make this happen? This month as we explore the theme … Continued

Creating Mercy

Watch the Video (YouTube link) Rev. Erin Gingrich; Celebrants: Terry Meek and Chris Paxson. Just Mercy, the UUA’s suggested all read book by Bryan Stevenson, details a lawyer’s extraordinary efforts to serve those unjustly condemned to life without parole or death. He strives for just mercy, as opposed to mercy, defining it as the kind … Continued

Resurrecting Ourselves

Watch the Video (YouTube link) Rev. Erin Gingrich, Celebrant: Carla Hicklin Easter offers us the spiritual themes of letting go into death so that we can be reborn through resurrection. What liberation might we experience in letting go and making space for something new in us to take form?

High School Youth Service

9:15 & 11 am; Celebrant: Garrett McGuire. Description to be announced. Description to be announced. Description to be announced. Description to be announced. Description to be announced. Description to be announced.

Light Will Someday Split You Open

Sermon:Watch the Video (YouTube link) Celebrant Reflection: Watch the Video (YouTube link) Rev. Erin Gingrich; Celebrant: Chris Paxson. We learn from life’s difficulties and also life’s joys. As we explore being a people of desire, let us recall the times when it was what we desired, or the light, as the poet Rumi writes, that … Continued

Steadying Ourselves in a Rocky Boat

Watch the Video (YouTube link) Rev. Erin Gingrich; Celebrant: Elaine Imlau. We often face resistance when changing the status quo at work, school or in our relationships. What fortitude and spiritual centering is needed to persist in the face of resistance? Rev. Erin will share some of her experiences and questions.

Dedication to Black Lives Matter

Dedication: Watch the Video (YouTube link) Celebrant Reflection: Watch the Video (YouTube link) Rev. Erin Gingrich & Rev. Mark Stringer; Reflection: Karen Lauer; Celebrant: Lyra Halsten. Join both of our ministers and other lay leaders as we speak to why we are dedicated to the eradication of racism and the betterment of Black lives. During … Continued

Hope in the Dark

Watch the Video (YouTube link) Rev. Erin Gingrich; Celebrant: Elaine Imlau. Nature’s dark season reminds us of the nourishment of being fallow. This Solstice, let us slow down to embrace the gifts and nourishment of the dark, even as we celebrate the returning of the light.

Reforming the Circle

Celebrant: Elaine Imlau. What happens when a voice inside says don’t and we do it anyway? Join Rev. Gingrich for this multi-generational service to consider our choices and the people around us when harm is done.

Crossing the Bridge to Selma

Watch the Video (YouTube link) Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed; Celebrant: Petra Lange. In March 1965, when the call came to join the African-American citizens of Selma, UUs responded. Why, despite the risk, did they go? And how did the experience change them, even as it changed the world? Imbedded in the answers to these questions are … Continued