Rev. Jennifer Brooks and Tracy Beck (DRE)

Borne on the Waters

Watch the Video (YouTube link) A Service for All Ages. Each September, our ingathering celebration reaffirms our covenant as members of a beloved community committed to transformation in our own lives and in the life of the world. In this service, we use water, the source of human life, as a symbol of our interconnectedness to all living beings. All life emerged from water; all life requires it; and the water cycle, from rain to rivers to oceans to clouds to rain, is a continuing reminder of the cycle of life. In today's service, we reflect on how we are born and re-born throughout our lives, as we find ways to restore our hearts, minds, and spirits as we experience life's challenges and changes. Just as we are borne on the waters of life, this community supports and sustains us during our life's journey. Together we covenant, and together we renew, the heart of the church. Special music by the UU Singers; plus Amy Bernon

Earth Day

Watch the Video (YouTube link) As we celebrate Earth Day, new leaders are emerging to call us to care for the Earth. In Juliana v. US, 20 impassioned youth ranging in age from eight to 19 have asked a federal court to require the United States to intervene effectively to protect the Earth against climate change. All of them, even the youngest, have both a deep appreciation of the natural world and a track record of environmental activism. In this service for all ages, we share some of their inspirational stories and their legal "Prayer for Relief." First Unitarian children and youth share the experiences that led these young people to bring a lawsuit.