Stewardship Update

Last Saturday, we kicked off our annual budget drive with our first ever on-line music and art festival. HUGE thanks to all the artists and musicians who shared their gifts with the congregation! We raised over $2,000 with the art auction, and our UCDSM Art Store is still open.

Click here for the UCDSM Art Store
We were pleased to announce at the event that we had already received over $90,000 in pledges for the coming church year (July 2021-June 2022). We are on our way!
As of today, here’s where we are on the pledge drive:
314 cards sent to members/friends
58 pledges received so far for 2021-22
$172.720 of pledges received so far for 2021-22
Our hope is to have the majority of pledge commitments in hand before the March 18th meeting of our Board of Trustees. At that meeting the first draft of the budget will be presented to the board for discussion. The more complete picture we have of expected pledges, the clearer the picture of the coming year.
As we move forward, it is important that each one of us thoughtfully considers how we might support our loving community, our values, and our future together. First Unitarian Church depends on all of our generosity – every pledge helps to build the church. We know you to be thoughtful and generous, and we thank you for your pledge, no matter the size.
Members should have received a pledge card in the mail from the church, which you can complete and return, or you can simply pledge on-line.
Click to submit pledge online OR to download a printable form.
In gratitude for your stewardship of First Unitarian – The Stewardship Ministry Team