Stop Asylum-Seeker Expulsions based on Trump Covid-19 Policy 

This month we’ll write our Senators and Representative Axne to press the Biden Administration to rescind Executive Authority established by the Trump Administration that serves as the basis for expelling thousands of asylum-seekers without a chance to plead their case. The current policy is inconsistent with federal law, the International Refugee Convention and every one of the 7 UU Principles.  

People expelled under this policy have been forced to remain in Mexico where they have been subjected to incredible suffering, physical assault, robbery, and worse. With Covid diminishing, there truly is no basis for continuing a policy that harms vulnerable people. Senate Majority Leader recently said the policy has “defied common sense and common decency.” 

Join in writing Senators Grassley and Ernst and Representative Axne to urge they demand the Biden Administration restore fair access to asylum in compliance with immigration law.  Letters are due by Friday, March 31. You can send your letters by US Mail, by e-mail, or by direct online submission. The details, including a model letter are available Via the link below or on request via e-mail to:  writenow@ucdsmorg.

 Link to model letter and information, including a link to send your letters online.