Stowe Elementary Lunch Buddy Program

***Needs help recruiting***
(Short-term commitment)
Needs Lunch Buddy volunteers
(1x/week for semester)
Stowe Elementary in Des Moines needs help setting up a Lunch Buddy program. Our own First Unitarian member, Jennifer Williams is the principal. We are looking for 1-2 folks initially to help recruit volunteers from across the city. Volunteers would sit with the children during lunch and visit/play games/read with them 1:1 once a week for a semester. The recruiters would contact business, churches, high schools, colleges, and organizations to help spread the work and obtain volunteer names. Do you have time to phone, email or personally reach out? This is a short-term commitment. Stowe wants the program up and running by the fall semester. You do not have to run the program, just make the initial contacts and follow up to get the names of volunteers. You will be provided with any needed information.
Please contact Connie McKeen at if you can help OR if you want to volunteer to be a Lunch Buddy.