Successful Building Work Day October 7th!

Thank you to everyone who helped with our 2nd Building Work Day this year. A crew led by Walter Pearson, in the morning light of Griffin Hall, sanded and refinished the shelves under the windows, a huge and visible project! Crew members included Walter Pearson, Sherwin Back, Julie Murphy, Doug Hoffman, and Ron Heideman. Thank you all!

Doug Aupperle and Tom Thurtell installed much-needed shelves in the old organ pipe storage room – that whole space has been really transformed during these work days, with a good cleanout, better lighting, and now useful shelves for our A/V equipment. Great job!

Al Powers, with help from Jeremy Guenther (and a bear claw), cleared tree debris from our roof, making things safe and clean for winter. Al Powers, Bill Paxson, and Doug Aupperle worked on improving the auditorium sound system to improve sound quality.

It was a cheerful and productive morning. The Building Team and volunteers worked alongside the Family Promise morning crew (thanks for the breakfast goodies!) and the Church Cleaning volunteers led by Sarah Guenther to welcome our guests and spiff up our church building.

Thank you to everyone for your efforts!