Sue Huber is a Star Volunteer!

Sue Huber started visiting First Unitarian in 2008 and became a member in 2010. Since then, she has volunteered in a variety of ways, including Wednesday dinners and facilitating the PFLAG group for several years. She is also active in the Immigration & Sanctuary Team at First Unitarian.

In the last couple years, Sue has taken a leadership role in our Family Promise host weeks, setting up the on-line sign ups and volunteering many hours doing whatever needs to be done. Sue says her favorite is being an evening or night host. “Sometimes I get to play with the kids so that parents can have a break. Sometimes a parent will share their story with me, and other times, I am just sleeping. But being at church during these times allows the families to be in a safe place, which is so important for these families that are under so much stress.”

In June this year, Sue was elected to the Board of Trustees, where she is now serving as Vice-President. Sue takes her responsibility of membership seriously, supporting the church however she can. “I have lots of time, some talent, and a little treasure, so I give how I can to make my church the best place to be. Plus, its a lot of fun, rewarding, humbling and I have made so many cool friends through volunteering!”

Many thanks to all that you do, Sue!