Tell Us About It

Before the pandemic required us to move to online services, a binder was placed near the gathering area at the church. Members and guests could tell what they wanted to  see in our services, programming, and other areas of congregational life. Having that information – whether it was good, bad, or really bad – gave church leaders valuable insight into our members’ wants and needs.

Many articles have been written about why people leave their churches. A common reason is that the church wasn’t meeting members’ needs. That in itself is very sad, but it also raises the question of whether or not the church was aware of those needs. Church leaders do their best to anticipate the wishes of congregants – a monumental task! Without guidance, wishes go unfulfilled. This can lead to feelings of unhappiness, and if those feelings remain unspoken, they can lead to disengagement, frustration, and maybe resignation of membership.

We don’t want any of our members to feel this way! If there is something that you would like to see in terms in programming, music, or services, “tell us about it!” We value your input and ideas and we want to hear them! Send your suggestions to With your help, we can create exceptional experiences!