The Board of Trustees is now accepting applications until March 15.

In this Exciting Creative Time of Transition In Our Church, Is Your Ministry to Our Church the Task of Serving on the Board of Trustees?

Serving on the Board of Trustees is a vital role of our church and offers opportunities to learn about policy governance, a deeper understanding of our Ends, and visioning for our future. For information about the role of the board please click here, or talk with  a current board member.  If serving on the board, seems like a good fit for you, please complete   a written application, which you can obtain here, and submit it by March 15th. The Nominating Committee will review all of the applications, choose our top 6 candidates and set a time for a nominating member(s) to meet with you.   We know that all members of our church have gifts and skills to share and provide our congregation.  The role of the Nominating Committee is to select the applicants who we believe are in the best position to serve our church community in the role of governance.  A member of the nominating committee will respond to all applications. We so appreciate your interest and consideration of serving on the Board of Trustees.

The members of the 2019 nominating committee are Gene McCracken,, Steven Coverdale,,  Nate Hoogeveen,,Linda Lemons, lemonslin@gmail.comand Rob Nicholson,  Please reach out to us if you have questions or information you would like to share. If you know of someone who you believe would fit this role well, please encourage them to apply.


Click Here to apply