The Second Turkey and Other Stories

Watch the YouTube video This service features tender, light-hearted stories about family Thanksgivings that didn't go exactly to plan. The tales invite us to cherish the love that has touched our lives, even if it didn't arrive in exactly the way we expected. May we be aware of the abundance that sometimes slips in through the crack under the door.

Stone Soup

Watch the Video (YouTube link) The old story of Stone Soup tells of two weary travelers who arrive in a small village and unexpectedly bring a community together under the guise of making a delicious soup from stones.To make this story come to life, we're encouraging everyone who can to bring pre-cut veggies to add to the pot, as well as non-perishable food to support the children with their food drive. This participatory service will engage young and old alike in this important tale and also offer food to the hungry in our community. Special music by visiting musician Peter Mayer.

Abundance as a Spiritual Asset

Watch the video of the Reflection | Watch the video of the Sermon (YouTube links) Having a sense of financial abundance is about more than having the ability to buy plenty of things. Or is it? Depending on our income and class background, depending on our family's relationship to money, or on major events in our generation's lifetime, we will have different experiences that have shaped how we understand abundance, having enough and our definition of generosity. Reflection by Darin Jensen.


Watch the Video (YouTube link) In this month when we explore the worship theme of "Abundance," it's worth wondering whether we ever have enough time. What is time? Can we make time slow down, or get more of it than we have? This service takes a thoughtful look at science’s current understanding of time, and offers philosophy’s wisdom for managing it, as we come to appreciate the lives that have shaped ours and the love that's there to guide our choices.