Love’s Call

9:15 & 11 am

(UPDATED) Where does love’s call come from? We will consider a humanist answer to this question, creatively told through the retelling of a Bible story written by UU minister Rev. David Bumbaugh. Due to Illness, Rev. Erin has shifted the focus of services this week to this story. She will speak to the #MeToo movement and the call for men’s voices for change in her service the following week.

Special music by the Bell Ave. Ringers

Hearing with the Heart

9:15 & 11 am
Celebrant: Martha Shen

In every encounter with another human being, there’s an opportunity to listen — to go deep; to forge, even briefly, an authentic connection. To help illustrate the balance that’s necessary if we’re to hear with the heart, Bruce Martin and a small vocal group will contribute to Rev. Jen’s sermon with culturally distinct versions of the song, “The Sloop John B.“ The blend of prose, poetry, and music is, in itself, emblematic of balance.

Feeling at Home

Watch the Video (YouTube link)

First Unitarian Church is a place our high schoolers feel at home, a place where they can safely express themselves and wholly be themselves. Our church is a space that brings a certain balance into their lives every week. Our youth will speak about the importance of this balance and the role the church plays in their lives. Join us!