Create the Vision

Watch the Video (YouTube link) A unique opportunity of the interim time is to explore the congregation’s own vision of its values, mission and vision. As we begin this process here at First Unitarian, Rev. Jennifer Brooks shares her insights from companioning other UU congregations through this process. Seeing that vision emerge from the shared light of all members is, she says, ”one of most moving and inspirational experiences of my life.” Share Your Light, Create Our Vision  

Share the Light

Watch the Video (YouTube link) Joining us over the weekend of this service is Rev. Janne Eller-Isaacs, our ministerial search transition coach, along with Rev. Jen Crow. After each service, Rev. Janne will hold open meetings to share information about the search process for our new settled senior minister. This purpose intersects beautifully with January’s Soul Matters theme exploring how we are called to be a people of intention. Setting personal intentions is a spiritual act that can shape our living. Setting collective intentions is a spiritual act that can transform a congregation and the wider community. In these services, guest minister, Rev. Jen Crow and Rev. Erin will speak to the power of love and ministry that is unleashed when a congregation re-imagines their shared intention for vision and mission. May we be inspired for the Connections Parties in February, when we will share our individual light to create the vision for our collective future.

The Long Arc

Watch the Video (YouTube link) Today we honor the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His leadership during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s helped change America for the better. Yet still there‘s work for all people who answer the call of love. “The arc of the universe is long,“ Dr. King said, “but it bends toward justice.” It’s up to those who love to do the bending.

Hope is a Doorway

Watch the Video (YouTube link) In this all ages service, we will carry forward our New Year’s tradition of walking through a doorway to greet the coming year with intention. We will celebrate new beginnings and ponder the intention we want to bring to them through storytelling, song, and origami crane making.