Walking with the Wind

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So Be It. See To It.

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“Hang Up Calls and Busy Signals”

  Click here for video (You Tube) What exactly is a call? Can't you metaphorically just hang up? What if you are busy? Come and join Rev. Amy Shaw in exploring the calls which have led to this day, and the stories which surround them.Today is the first Sunday of Candidating week; our Candidate for the position of Senior Minister, Rev. Amy Shaw, will preach. In the week that follows, join Rev. Amy and the Search Committee for some of the many events that help us get to know Rev. Amy.

Awaken to Life


  Click Here for Video (You Tube) Every flower is beautiful and whole unto itself. Today is Easter in the Christian tradition The Easter story features a tomb with the stone rolled away. Less well-known is that the earliest versions of the gospel according to Mark ended the story with the discovery of the empty tomb. Christian or not, what meaning might people of the 21st century take from a story with that ending? Today's service features poetry by Geoffrey Chaucer, T.S. Elliot, Alice Berry, and Langston Hughes; music by the Bell Ave. Ringers; and the UU Flower Communion. Bring in a flower to share—leave with a different one. Children will be in the service at the beginning and for the Flower Communion at the end.

Integrity as Wholeness

  Click here for video (You Tube) In the documentary, "The Feminist on Cellblock Y," male inmates are examining patriarchy and sharing what adhering to it has cost them personally. They identify the requirement to compartmentalize oneself and one's emotions in traditional masculinity as the underlying problem in their lives. We will look at their insights about patriarchy and gender and their prescription for integrity as we consider how we can be a people of wholeness together.

Not a Lightbulb

  Video (You Tube) On this Sunday as we begin the month's theme, Wholeness, let's think about light bulbs. We know how they work: if one burns out, we remove it and insert a new one. Maybe one that's brighter, or dimmer, or more climate-friendly. But it's a simple act of replacement. People are not replaced so readily. To adjust to a new person in a familiar role—whether it's the new manager at work or a prospective new settled Senior Minister—it's important to get to know the whole of that previously unknown human being. What are the bumps in the road ahead? How do we cope?