UU Writers Small Group / Soul Matters

Third Monday of the month, 6:30 p.m., church, facilitated by Sally Boeckholt and Sarah Lauer.

UU Writers Group explores the monthly Soul Matters themes and engages in spiritual discernment through the art of creative writing.

Format and Approach: Monthly packets contain options for a personal warm up and 3-4 writing projects/exercises centered around the month’s theme. Participants pick one of the writing exercises and work on it in advance of the group meeting. In the meeting, facilitators guide the group through a warm up exercise, sharing the pieces group members have written and a closing ritual.

The Vision: Writing is a long-loved path to personal insight, spiritual discernment and self-expression. By bringing the practice of writing to the exploration of our monthly themes, we hope to provide participants not only with another channel of self-discovery, but also with the gift of being witnessed in a new and precious way.

This group is free.

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