Visioning Workshop Results

Fifty members participated in the September 22 Visioning Workshop, pouring over 1,000 comments collected during the Visioning Circles from February and March 2018. Workshop participants toiled in groups of 8 or 9 to discern the key sentiments about (1) what members appreciate about the church; (2) what they long for; (3) their insights about what they appreciate and what they long for; (4) what’s important to them about the church; and (5) the values at the heart of the church.

In addition, all six groups made suggestions for what the congregation might work on over the next five years (collected as “Goals”). Four groups offered draft takes on a mission statement. All of these lists will be shared with the Mission/Vision Drafting Group, co-led by Heidi Levine and Jean Rommes, and with a Strategic Plan Task Force (to be appointed in October).

Click here to view a PDF of the lists made by the groups at the Visioning Workshop