Volunteer Stars: Misti & Chloe

We are so grateful for Misti Craig and her daughter, Chloe, for taking on the huge task of making the meals for Wednesday nights this year. When the Wednesday dinner planning team of 2017-18 disbanded, there was a high possibility that Wednesday dinners would discontinue. Not wanting to see that happen, Misti heroically volunteered to step up by planning, shopping, cooking AND cleaning up on a nearly weekly basis.
Previous restaurant experience helped Misti step into this role, but there were still a few things she learned along the way: how to prepare within a sustainable budget, ways to provide vegan options on a weekly basis, and using fewer dishes to cook so clean up wasn’t such an arduous task.
Misti also used this as an opportunity to teach by including her daughter, Chloe, in the process. “I turned this into some of Chloe’s home schooling. As the year went on, she learned how to make more and more things and took on a larger role in preparing the meal.” Wednesday nighters really liked the baked potato bar, and everyone loved the desserts.
Wednesday Programming is done for the summer, but will return in September. We look forward to the meals the Craigs will cook-up for us next year!