Write Here! Write Now!: Citizenship for Immigrant Essential Workers

This month we’ll write our Senators to urge them to support pathways to citizenship for essential workers and their families, including support for S.264 – The DREAM Act, S.306 the SECURE Act (for TPS holders), and the Farm Workforce Modernization Act sent to the Senate as (H.R.1603). We’ll also urge them to go beyond that by finding ways to incorporate citizenship for essential workers and their families in must-pass legislation.
Join in writing Senators Grassley and Ernst to urge them to seize this opportunity to offer citizenship to people who’ve done so much to help us through the worst pandemic in a century, but who have been denied the benefits the rest of us are eligible to receive.
Letters are due by Thursday, June 10. You can send your letters by US Mail, by e-mail, or by direct online submission. The details, including a model letter are available Via the link below or on request via e-mail to: writenow@ucdsm.org.
Link to model letter and information, including a link to send your letters online: Senator Letters – Pathway to Citizenship