Write Here! Write Now! Increase the Minimum Wage

This month we’ll write our Senators to urge support for raising the minimum wage to $15/hour nationwide.
Join in writing Senators Grassley and Ernst to urge them to act now to raise the national minimum wage. The national minimum wage law has been stuck at $7.25/hour for ten years. Of course, prices for basic needs don’t follow federal minimum wages – they keep going up, year after year. The current minimum wage doesn’t come close to being a living wage for American families. The Raise the Wage Act of 2021 increases the wage. Write our Senators to urge their support for this legislation.
Letters are due by Thursday, February 18. There are three different ways to send your letters: by US Mail (post by 2/11), by e-mail (send by 2/11), or by direct online submission by February 18. The details, including a model letter are available Via he link below or on request via e-mail to: writenow@ucdsm.org.
Click here to view model letter and for more information.