Year-Round Stewardship FAQs

Year-Round Stewardship is nearly halfway through!

We have hosted four Stewardship months (August. September, October and November).

Groups met at church, in members’ backyards, on the patio at church. A total of 100 members attended an event.

Yes, we were challenged by the pandemic and taking care to keep each other safe.

We are happy to report that 67 members have updated their pledges in line with year-round stewardship!


Planning for the January through June groups is underway

Watch for your invitation!

The co-hosts for each month will work with Stewardship to plan an event.

You will receive a postcard invitation 2 – 3 weeks prior to your event.

Watch for your invitation and please make every effort to attend.

At the event, you’ll have a chance to get to know fellow members.

Rev Amy and staff will talk about plans for the upcoming year and answer any questions you might have.

You’ll hear what inspires other members to support this church, our beloved community.

This event is your opportunity to consider how much First Unitarian Church of Des Moines means to you!

We look forward to seeing everyone over the next few months.

What happens if I can’t attend my event?

You will be invited to a follow-up event, either in-person or via Zoom.

I don’t know my Stewardship month!

Just email and we’ll get back to you right away!

How does year-round Stewardship work?

Each member of the congregation will be grouped into one of 10 sections. Each section will be assigned to a certain month. The month to which you are assigned is the month that you’ll make your pledge for the next church year. For example, if you are assigned to November, you will make your pledge in November for the 12 months beginning December.

Will I be reminded when my pledge is due?

Yes, you’ll have plenty of time to consider your pledge and ample reminders. Each section will convene as a group at least once, and likely several times over the course of the year. One get-together will focus on stewardship and pledge commitments to the church. Each section will have leaders to organize casual events where you can connect with old friends and meet new folks.

How does this impact the budget?

Since we’ll begin gathering pledges for the next church year in early fall, staff will actually be in a better position to create a meaningful, accurate budget.  As each month’s pledge sections finalize, the DFA will be in a good position to assess our position for the following 12 months.

Is this more work for the Stewardship Team?

Yes and no. By dividing the congregation into 10 units, the Stewardship team will be able to work with smaller groups and really focus on how those groups are doing. It will be easier to make connections with a group of 30 at one time than with all the members as we’re doing it now. Most importantly, we hope to develop deeper connections with members of the congregation through a series of section events and gatherings.

What’s my role?

Once you are assigned to a section and a month, you’ll hear from your section’s leaders. Please respond when you are contacted. They will set up a meet and greet session where you’ll have an opportunity to see who else is in your group and ask questions. If you have ideas for group activities, be sure to contact your leaders. Stewardship is everyone’s responsibility: your involvement and your financial commitment are two pillars that help make this the community we all love.

Wait, what about the once-a-year all church gathering?

Don’t worry, we still plan on having the all-church gathering in the spring! But next year, it will be a celebration of a nearly-final pledge drive, not the kick-off!