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November 22, 2021

Update – The Lauer Family: Sarah Lauer had surgery on Tuesday in Maryland, just outside of Washington D.C. The surgery went well but it has been difficult getting her post-operative pain under control so we are unsure of the discharge date. Thank you for all of the support you have sent her way. Your thoughtfulness uplifts us all.

November 7, 2021

Ann Mowery & Al Powers:  Ann and Al are driving to Houston today to be with Al’s daughter Melissa.  Ann said that Melissa’s leukemia is back ‘with force’.  Her Virginia doctors got her in to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. They have no idea how long they will be there with Melissa, and will not have an address for cards, but notes of support and love can be sent to their email at:

The Lauer Family: Karen Lauer shares, “Our older daughter, Sarah (also a church member), has suffered from chronic, debilitating headache pain since she turned 16. My children and I have a genetic condition called Hypermobile-Ehlers danlos syndrome – basically, we have faulty collagen throughout the body, meaning that nearly every system in the body can potentially be affected.

We suspected the origin of her pain could be due to mechanical issues caused by the EDS, but could never convince neurologists (she has seen 5 over the years) to do the specialized testing for this diagnosis.

We finally found a neuro-surgeon in Maryland who treats Ehlers Danlos patients. The testing he ordered showed that her headaches are likely caused by too much mobility in her cranio-cervical spine.

After 12 years she finally has hope of relief from the unrelenting pain.

She will have two separate neuro/spinal surgeries – the first is Nov. 16, the second Dec. 15. We are flying to Maryland this coming Saturday (11/13) and if all goes well, Michael will be able to fly home between the surgeries. Sarah and I will stay in Maryland until after the second surgery.

We are still kind of shell-shocked – and are balancing hopefulness with a hefty dose of fear.

We ask that our community keep our family in their thoughts. Supportive emails would be welcomed by (Karen), (Michael), and (Sarah)


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