Faith in Action

Led by our Faith in Action (FIA) Coordinating Team, our congregation selects two nonprofit organizations each to receive financial support with proceeds from our Sunday service collection. Half of the weekly contributions support our own church social justice activities, and the remaining half is divided between our two FIA partners. Recipients are nominated by church members and chosen at our annual church meeting on the first Sunday after Memorial Day. We have proudly worked with more than 20 community partners.

2021-2022 Faith In Action Partner Nominees

Faith in Action is excited to announce that we have three nominated organizations for the 2021-2022 partnership. Out of these three organizations, membership will vote to choose two at the annual meeting. To learn more about the organizations, what volunteer opportunities will be available, and how the funds will be used, click the links below.

Faith in Action Coordinating Team

Each spring, the FIA Coordinating Team solicits applications from congregation members for outside organizations to become one of our two annual Faith in Action partners. One of the criteria for selecting these organizations is that there will be opportunities for church members to be involved in community service and volunteer work.

  • Judy Neumeyer, Chair
  • Cory Clegg
  • Judy Davis
  • Sonya Ewert
  • Steve Gilson
  • Jack Hackett
  • Hillary Hippen-Leek (special projects)

Our 2020-21 Partner Organizations

Central Iowa Immigrant Emergency Support Fund (CIIESF)

The Central Iowa Immigrant Emergency Support Fund (CIIESF) is an initiative of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) Iowa, Al Éxito, and Proteus Inc. The fund was set up to meet the needs of Iowans who do not qualify for government assistance during this global pandemic. The fund assists community members facing significant challenges due to loss of income, illness, or other COVID-19 related impacts. The assistance has covered basic needs including rent, mortgages, utilities, transportation, and medicine for individuals and their families during the last few months.

Each of the coalition’s three members brings special expertise to the work:

American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker organization that promotes lasting peace with justice, has deep experience with immigrants and sanctuary-seekers

Al Exito guides Latinx students toward college or career opportunities

Proteus provides agricultural workers and their families with affordable health care, education assistance, and job training.

Planned Parenthood of North Central States – Iowa

Planned Parenthood of North Central States is committed to providing, promoting, and protecting reproductive and sexual health through high-quality care, education and advocacy. In 2019, Planned Parenthood provided a wide range of affordable, high-quality reproductive and sexual health care to more than 19,600 Iowans.

First Unitarian’s support helps provide a variety of services in Central Iowa including:

  • Comprehensive contraception options
  • Testing, treatment, and risk counseling for sexually transmitted infections
  • Cancer screenings and early interventions
  • Preventive annual well visits
  • Patient Assistance Funds and financial counseling to maximize mainstream benefits
  • Patient-centered, inclusive care for marginalized populations
  • Age-appropriate, research-informed education programs

How to Nominate an Organization

When considering a Faith in Action nomination:

  • You and your contact at the organization need to read the   FIA Partnership Responsibilities.
  • If you and your contact person think this might be a good fit, you’ll need to work together to complete the nomination form and submit it to the FIA team by April 19, 2021, for the 2021-2022 partnership year.