Opening Level 4

Level 4 – The church building is open for normal use, including services, RE, meetings, etc. Procedures and precautions are shown below, but may be modified depending on the current conditions in the community, recommendations from the CDC, and the availability of a vaccine for youth. Consideration will also be given to those who are unable to be vaccinated due to medical conditions. The intention of these precautions is to ensure safety to all persons attending services and events at the church.

    1. Get vaccinated. It is our best protection against COVID-19. Be aware that evolving SARS CoV2 variants continue to be an issue affecting the safety of all.
    2. Anyone may choose to wear a facial covering, and everyone is encouraged to follow the CDC facial covering guidelines.
    3. Everyone that is not fully vaccinated is expected to wear a facial covering when in close proximity to other attendees.
    4. Facial coverings are required when more than 50 people are assembled in one area.
      1. Exceptions will be granted to those with certain medical conditions and for children younger than 2 years.
      2. Participating Celebrant team members that are fully vaccinated do not need to wear facial coverings when physically separated from the congregation.
      3. Fully vaccinated choir members, musicians, and performers do not need to wear face coverings while performing.
      4. Facial coverings may be removed while seated at tables for eating or drinking.
    5. Ask “what is your comfort level with hugging or handshakes” before engaging in the behavior.
    6. Kitchen workers and servers are required to wear facial coverings.