Service Celebrants


The Celebrants Team assists our Senior Minister and pulpit guests with creating and performing services for Sundays and special occasions. Celebrants serve for an open-ended period due to the training required to perform this role well. If you are interested in becoming a celebrant, please contact the Celebrants Team.


Celebrants must be able to:

  • Read at a fifth-grade level or higher
  • Speak in a clear and understandable voice
  • Reliably fulfill their role when scheduled for a service
  • Take responsibility for immediately notifying the Senior Minister in the event they cannot be present on a scheduled Sunday
  • Remain in contact with pulpit guests for the weeks they are responsible for, assuring that the guests have information they need regarding service requirements
  • Using our service template, work with pulpit guests as assigned to create all aspects of a service, including the order of service, additional scripting, hymn or special music selection and any blocking/staging as needed
  • Provide feedback and ideas for services
  • Arrive for assigned services 30 minutes prior to the service start time
  • Meet assigned pulpit guest for their scheduled service, orient them to the space or Zoom procedure, and provide hospitality as needed
  • Ensure that any visiting pulpit guest receives their check
  • Attend yearly celebrant training sessions

Digital literacy is an important part of being a member of the Celebrants Team. Members must be willing and able to be successful with:

  • Using a range of microphones
  • Producing and collaborating on scripts/orders of service using common digital tools like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, etc.
  • Accessing and using a shared scheduling tool on Google sheets, and shared files on One Drive
  • Having reliable internet access or be willing to find such access as needed