From saying “bless you” when someone sneezes to blessing a meal before we eat it, there’s something important we’re doing when we bless.

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Forum: “On Media”

Join Dave Busiek, former KCCI-TV news director, for a discussion of the changes in traditional media due to cutbacks in the numbers of journalists and in particular a reduction in editorial voices in newspapers. Busiek is a member of the Iowa Writers’ Collaborative, which was designed to give Iowans access to a wide variety of viewpoints from around the state. He regularly shares his perspective in his column “On Media”, published via Substack. Busiek spent 43 years working in Iowa radio and television newsrooms as a reporter, anchor and the last 30 years as news director of the CBS affiliate in Des Moines. In retirement Dave also volunteers for several local non-profits and travels with his wife, Laura Sands.