Lessons from the Passover Story

Freedom is ever the half-won blessing. We have overcome some constraints – but “chains still there are to break.”


Passcode: Safford


Zoom may not be available for this event. Please contact Bill Paxson if you have an interest in joining the Zoom team.

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No Forum this Sunday

Join us for our Fellowship, Fun and FUNds (FFF 24)

Saturday, April 27th – 28th

The final list of ticketed events and food items for auction is now available! You can find it online here. Paper copies will be available at church. Please note—paper copies include provider contact info, online version does not.

Mark your calendar for the Sale Kickoff and Potluck Dinner Saturday, April 27, 5-7pm. Sale continues Sunday, April 28, 10:45-12. Going to be out of town? Find someone now who can shop for you. In person bidding and buying only.