The Spiritual Impact of Inequality

“Our spirits long to be made whole,” in the words of our hymn. Wholeness depends on connection and belonging with others, and inequality triggers disconnection and alienation.

Zoom at 9:30 a.m. CT.

Zoom may not be available for this event. Please contact Bill Paxson if you have an interest in joining the Zoom team.

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Forum: Approaches to Ministry and Covenant, A Congregational Discussion

Join Rev. Garmon, Board members, and Bill Brauch from the Right Relations Team for a presentation and feedback session on Ministerial paths (Developmental vs Settled) and early stages of a UCDSM Covenant. We want to inform the congregation on how we got to our current state of thinking, hear from you as it relates to the next UCDSM minister, and get feedback on a drafted Covenant, our foundation for being together. Join us in the auditorium 11:15-12:30 or on zoom here.

Meeting ID: 897 3067 3895
Passcode: 992542