Who Are We Now?

As Unitarian Universalism grows and changes (in the midst of a wider culture also growing and changing), every generation or so we need to re-articulate our covenant to express who we are now as well as to put into the terms most salient to the current time, who we always have been.

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Forum: Covenanting with the Wider UU World – Proposed Revision of Article II

Delegates to UUA General Assembly 2024 will be voting on the proposed revision of Article II for the UUA Bylaws. The Adult Programming Team is providing a time for congregants to share their reflections regarding Rev. Garmon’s sermon; to ask questions, and discuss how the proposed revision of Article II could impact our congregation. Members of the Board of Trustees will also be available to share their thoughts about Article II and answer questions. This link will send you to our new page on our church website related to this topic. Here you will find detailed information about the Proposed Revision to Article II.


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