Memory and Meaning

Watch the Video (YouTube link) On Memorial Day weekend, our thoughts inevitably turn to the causes and consequences of war. When we think of those who have died in service to our country, is our responsibility simply to remember them? Or do we have a larger responsibility to give their deaths meaning? If a family member died in active military service, you're invited to wear a black armband in their memory. Special music by Barb Martin

Creative Courage

Watch the Video (YouTube link) When we tap into our creativity, we are not recreating the status quo. What is it about creating that gives us the courage to wander into the unknown? How might we apply this willingness and energy more broadly in our lives? Special music by the UU Singers

Life as Jazz

Watch the Video (YouTube link) Jazz has a quality of unpredictability even though it follows a recognizable pattern. What is it about the jazz musician that allows for the artistry of jazz? What attitudes and skills that make for good jazz might also make us better at the improvisation Life sometimes requires? Join Rev. Jennifer and pianist Bruce Martin as they creatively explore this jazzy metaphor. Special music by Bell Ave. Ringers