Beginner Mind

  Click here for video (You Tube) This month’s theme of Curiosity invites us to explore life with the mind of a beginner. In this service, we consider how we might greet life with the freshness of beginners—how do we open the doors to our minds and souls? How do we lean out into the new? How do we listen to others with the expectation that we're about to discover something fascinating? Each moment centered in the spirit of "beginner mind" keeps us curious and alert to what we might learn and the ways we might grow.

Coming of Age

Click Here for Video (You Tube) This weekend we will become better acquainted with our Coming of Age Youth as they are given a chance to share their own statements of faith through song, word, and other forms of art. Coming of Age Mentors and Facilitators will present the youth in this service of celebration.

“Dance Dance Revolution”

Click here for video (You Tube) What does it mean to be beloved community in these times? What does it mean to be the church in the world? The theme this month is Curiosity, and as Unitarian Universalists we are called to be curious about all the places where our world could be better. Emma Goldman famously said, “If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution,” and she had something there, but the reverse is also true. Every revolution needs some joy. Today is the second Sunday of Candidating week; our Candidate for settled Senior Minister, Rev. Amy Shaw, will preach. Members—plan to vote in the congregational meeting that follows the second service, or plan to come to the first service and cast an absentee ballot afterwards.