Light of the World

Watch the Video (YouTube link) This Christmas Eve service of carols and readings invokes not only the 2,000 year-old story of Christmas but also its message of hope for our world today. Come with open hearts; go with the spirit of Christmas.

The Story of Hope

5 pm Christmas Eve Service Celebrants: Kate Allen & Lyra Halsten This Christmas Eve service invites children, their families, and the young at heart into a celebration of the story of Christmas and its deeper message of hope. Children are encouraged to arrive a few minutes early to choose a costume to be an angel, sheep, or shepherd in our no-rehearsal Christmas pageant. The offering collected during this service will support the Unitarian Universalist commitment to Black lives as a contribution to Black Lives UU. All are invited to bring a plate of cookies to share with others following the service. There is also a 7 pm Christmas Eve Service: "Light of the World"

Many Voices, One Song

Watch the Video (YouTube link) Nearly 500 years ago, the first Unitarians used the phrase "unity in diversity" to describe their openness to diverse spiritual paths within one faith tradition. In this service of songs and readings, we explore the diversity of world music connected with the Christian tradition and of world religious faiths connected with values of Christmas. In a diversity of music and faiths there lies a unity of hope and love. The UU Singers, directed by Choir Director Karen Kraemer, sing us through this journey of expectation and discovery. UU Singers; Bruce Martin, pianist.


Watch the Video (YouTube link) The December religious holidays invite us to imagine a different way of being in the world–even a different world entirely. Whatever our theological viewpoint, we have the power to shape our expectations of ourselves and the meaning we make in our lives. So imagine.