A Tale of Tenacity

9:15 & 11 am In this service for all ages, we share a tale of tenacity: the story of Esther. This true story is the centerpiece of the Jewish celebration of Purim, which this year begins on February 28. In many ways Esther was a true superhero: a seemingly ordinary person who saved many lives through her persistence and courage. Today we consider how our own narratives intersect with this tale of tenacity.

Hanging On

Watch the Video (YouTube link) Perseverance carries an exhausting connotation, especially if we think about perseverance as holding our breath as we push through impossible conditions. This month our theme in worship asks us how we are called to be a people of perseverance. What alternative understandings of perseverance might we need to share if we are to be a people who persevere together?

Let My People Go

Watch the Video (YouTube link) What does liberation require? How can we live fully, freely (and responsibly) in a way that brings meaning to our lives—in a way that encourages and supports others who also seek meaning and purpose? How can we persevere in dismantling the barriers that separate us from who we aspire to be? Whatever holds us back (theology? enculturated assumptions? sheer crankiness?) it's time to let go—and claim our own liberation.

Promise and Practice

Watch the Video (YouTube link) What would it be like if our UU worship service centered entirely around the voices and the experiences of black Unitarian Universalists? What truths might we hear, however difficult? What might we learn? How might these UU leaders of color teach us to be better allies, better companions in our shared faith, and even better citizens in our community? As part of First Unitarian's commitment to embrace the presence and leadership of people of color, during this Sunday service we speak and sing in the voices of UUs of color. Together we practice; together we live into the promise of a new way of being. Today's offering will (with the knowledge and support of our regular Faith in Action partner Family Promise) help to fund Black Lives UU. If we meet the threshold of $10 per member, our contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar.