Unsung UU Award

Each year the Board of Trustees presents the Unsung UU Award to a member or friend of our church who works tirelessly behind the scenes, is someone we can always count on, and is always willing to assist when needed.

The Board of Trustees requests nominations from the congregation in the spring and announces the recipient at the Annual Congregational Meeting on the first Sunday after Memorial Day. A plaque with the list of recipients dating back to 1977 is on the wall in the church foyer.

Unsung UU Nominating Form

2021: Sue Huber

Sue is known for her involvement in many activities at UCDSM throughout the years and for her dedication to our church’s Mission and Values. She has served on our Board of Trustees, both as president and chair of the Nominating Committee. She has been deeply involved in the immigration justice work of the congregation and kicked off our involvement in Family Promise. Sue also helped launch the kitchen improvement planning process.

Past Unsung UU Award winners

2020: Carolyn Spencer
2019: Sally Boeckholt
2018: Mary Hays
2017: Gene McCracken
2016: Eileen Lundberg
2015: Pat Headley
2014: Chris Jorgensen
2013: Alan Billyard
2012: Barbara Martin
2011: Karen Kraemer
2010: Greg Pelley
2009: Bob Glass
2008: Ellen Taylor
2007: Deidre Fudge
2006: Mary Ellen Neal
2005: Bill Leonard
2004: Al Powers
2003: Caroline Adler
2002: Jane Rider
2001 Bob Baker
2000 Denise Mernka
1999 Harvey Harrison
1998 Dwight Saunders
1997 David Witke
1996 Knox Craig
1995 Jodie McKay
1994 Susan Koch Bridgford
1993 Pat Winters
1992 Bill Wilder
1991 Norman Thomas
1990 Beth Saunders
1989 Elien Isom
1988 Julie Audlehelm
1987 Bruce Martin
1986 Terry Swanson
1985 Barb Royal
1984 Wilbur Rose
1983 Edith Bjornstad
1982 Jack Druart
1981 Priscilla Witke
1980 Alice Willis
1979 Edna Williams Harrington
1978 Lea Mould
1977 Eugenie Hafenstein