Chalice Groups

In response to the overwhelming desire for social connections, we offer Chalice Groups via Zoom. When it is safe to do so, groups can meet in-person. These member-facilitated groups of 6-10 people are casual. Unlike Soul Matters groups, there is no curriculum. Chalice Groups can be formed around shared hobbies and interests, or for conversation. Groups are open to members and visitors. For more information, contact us at

Contact: Sachiko Murphy,

Meets: Last Tuesday of the month; 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. CT

Welcome: All

“A Word With You” meets once a month in person to discuss topics of interest to members. We welcome new-comers to our church as well as long-time members. We meet on the patio area on the east side of our church, eat lunch, do check-ins, and discuss topics presented just by one word. The topics vary from environment to personalities. Currently we have five members regularly attending, and would love to share this opportunity with up to five more people. (If the weather is inclement, we will have our meeting on indoors or on Zoom.)