REACH Grant Application

The Endowment Fund Committee facilitates the distribution of up to 2% of the value of the fund as of December 31 to fund grants that are awarded on July 1 of the subsequent fiscal year. Since 2008, the Endowment Committee has accomplished this task through a program known as REACH (Radical Engagement And Creative Happenings). REACH grants are awarded to church members and groups for such uses as community outreach, educational opportunities for members, and equipment purchases. This is you and your group’s chance to plan a program or event beyond the usual budget item constraints.


  • Projects funded through this grant may involve both church members and non-church members, although only church members or church groups may apply.
  • While there is no minimum amount that can be requested, the maximum is $2,500.
  • Funds awarded must be used within one year of award.
  • Funds may not be used to pay personnel, but may be used to hire outside experts for your event or program.
  • If other funds are available for a given project, those funds should be expended first. If not all REACH funds are spent, they are to be returned to the Endowment.
  • The Endowment Committee will select and award the grants.
  • A final report is due within 30 days of the project end date. It must document your event and detail the results of your project and your actual expenditures.

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REACH Grant Application

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Please note: If other funds are available for your project, those funds should be expended first so that any unused grant funds may be returned to the Endowment.

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