Every day is Earth day, of course. But we don’t always talk about it in our Sunday service. This Sunday,... Read More →

Love and Ethics

Our commitment, as members of First Unitarian, is to “grow ethically and spiritually, serve justly, and love radically.” Let’s look... Read More →

A Unitarian Easter

Sometimes we opt to ignore the Christian story and focus on fertility, eggs, bunnies, springtime, and the resurrection of life... Read More →

How We Feel

  Where do emotions come from? Understanding our emotions is a key part of self-understanding and hence of wisdom. Zoom at... Read More →

Who Are We Now?

As Unitarian Universalism grows and changes (in the midst of a wider culture also growing and changing), every generation or... Read More →

Choose Abundance

It’s easy to look at our lives and focus on scarcity, on what is in short supply. And this can... Read More →


From saying “bless you” when someone sneezes to blessing a meal before we eat it, there’s something important we’re doing... Read More →