Rev. Erin Gingrich

Hope in the Dark

Watch the Video (YouTube link) Rev. Erin Gingrich; Celebrant: Elaine Imlau. Nature’s dark season reminds us of the nourishment of being fallow. This Solstice, let us slow down to embrace the gifts and nourishment of the dark, even as we celebrate the returning of the light.

Reforming the Circle

Celebrant: Elaine Imlau. What happens when a voice inside says don’t and we do it anyway? Join Rev. Gingrich for this multi-generational service to consider our choices and the people around us when harm is done.

Crossing the Bridge to Selma

Watch the Video (YouTube link) Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed; Celebrant: Petra Lange. In March 1965, when the call came to join the African-American citizens of Selma, UUs responded. Why, despite the risk, did they go? And how did the experience change them, even as it changed the world? Imbedded in the answers to these questions are … Continued