Art Gallery Policy & Application

Art Gallery Policy

  1. Hold monthly art shows in Griffin Hall including a variety of styles, media and themes throughout the year.
  2. Show only original art presented by the artist.
  3. Show only art that can be hung on the wall.
  4. Display primarily adult artists with priority to members of First Unitarian Church.
  5. Display the art of church youth in group shows, e.g., Coming of Age.
  6. Hold a show around the time of graduation for any young person who has grown up in the church and is planning to attend art school or major in art. If more than one new graduate qualifies and is interested, hold a group show.
  7. Select the artists at the Art Gallery Committee’s discretion.
  8. Schedule art shows for individual artists not more than every three years.
  9. Allow the artist to bring additional artwork for sale only during the meet-the-artist.
  10. Facilitate a reception for the artist, if desired, if an Art Gallery Committee member and space in Griffin Hall are available.
  11. Expect the artist to handle all sales and to reimburse First Unitarian Church for fifteen percent of any sales.

How to Apply

  • Please complete our application form below.
  • Your work will be reviewed by the First Unitarian Art Committee. You will receive a follow up from a member of the committee within two weeks after submission.
  • You will be asked to sign a release of liability waiver as First Unitarian Church does not provide insurance.
  • If your work depicts nudity, violence or discrimination, submit photos of each piece that includes this content for committee review.
  • The gallery is one long 40-foot wall with spot lighting and a hanging system. Your work should be finished and ready to hang.
  • The gallery is open Sundays during services and Tuesday-Friday during office hours (use south entrance). Call the church office at 515-244-8603 for availability.
  • An Art Gallery Committee member will be on hand during installation.
  • You are welcome to offer your art for sale and may have any brochures or promo materials on hand. While there is no charge for exhibiting at First Unitarian Church of Des Moines, if any artwork is sold, there is a 15 percent fee, payable to the church, which helps defray expenses.
  • A committee member will work with you to schedule a “Meet the Artist” opportunity during one Sunday of the month when you can mingle with members and friends.
  • You are also welcome to have a separate private reception in Griffin Hall for friends and family at no charge. Any refreshments served are the responsibility of the exhibiting artist.
  • If you have any questions, please contact our Art Gallery Committee chair, Kara Andreski,


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