Faith Formation Overview

Faith Formation at First Unitarian Church is about lifespan connection and growth. Our UU liberal religious values draw on the spiritual truths of the world’s major religions, while allowing all of us to choose our own unique path.

We encourage everyone to develop:

    • An enjoyment and appreciation of worship
    • A reverence for the sacred and all life
    • A rich and meaningful spiritual life
    • An enduring connection with Unitarian Universalism

Children & Youth Faith Formation

We help our children nurture their spiritual life by building their ethical awareness and Unitarian Universalist identity. The Faith Formation Council carefully choose the curricula that best fit these objectives in age-appropriate groupings.

See an Overview  of Children’s Faith Formation and check out our current programs for Children and Youth.

Adult Faith Formation

The mission of our adult Faith Formation program is to help people of all ages and backgrounds develop and express their unique physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual lives. We want to provide safe, sanctified spaces to explore ways to bridge divisions between people and ideas, put ideas into action, and encourage practices that foster respect and justice for all people.

Adult Faith Formation courses are designed to engage people where they are in multiple formats, such as workshops, short- or long-term curriculum-based classes, and drop-in discussions. Often taught by members and friends of the church, the activities typically meet at church and at varying times to meet busy schedules.

Check out what we’re currently offering . New people are always welcome!

Volunteer with Faith Formation

Faith Formation would not exist without our volunteers! If you are a parent of one or more children attending Faith Formation classes, or if you have a special knack for teaching and engaging youth (and you know who you are!), we encourage you to sign up as a volunteer. 

Facilitate a Class – Who me?

Our vision of Adult Faith Formation is one in which people have a chance to go on a learning journey together. We aren’t necessarily looking for “teachers” for classes, as that implies that the teacher has greater knowledge than the students. What we’re really looking for are facilitators. A facilitator is asked to:

  • Help people learn something (from their companions – including you, the facilitator – and the class material)
  • Support an enjoyable learning experience, challenging but not too hard
  • Enjoy the experience of fellowship, where relationships can be formed and deepened

Leading a class doesn’t involve a lot of research or complicated preparation of material. It does require other people-friendly skills, which you may already have in abundance. These skills can be useful to you not only at church as a facilitator for Adult Faith Formation classes, but may also be very helpful to you in other settings as well.