Governance Committee Charter

Governance Committee Charter

Mission: The purpose of the Governance Committee is to enable productivity and efficiency in the congregation within its chosen governance structure. The Committee engages the congregation in a continual process of discernment and improvement.


– Review policies for consistency

– Identify and remedy gaps in governing policies and Bylaws

– Assure policies are updated as needed

– Be aware of the policies and assure the Board adheres to them

– Actively promote good governance as outlined in the policies

– Leads orientation/training sessions for new and returning Board members at least annually

– When requested, assist the Board with their annual self-evaluation

Roles: The Governance Committee consists of 6 members appointed by the Board to serve up to three year terms. The appointments shall be made so that at least 2 members are retained each year.  All appointees should become familiar with the governance structure of the congregation. No less than one, and no more than three current Board members may serve on the Committee at a time.

The Chair shall be chosen from among the committee members; this choice shall be affirmed by the Board. Nobody shall serve as Chair for more than two consecutive years.

Guidelines: The Committee shall meet quarterly or as needed. The Chair will circulate an agenda in advance of each meeting. One member will be appointed at each meeting to take minutes. The minutes shall be posted on the church website in the Board section.

Accountability: The Governance Committee is a committee accountable to the Board. Frequency of reporting to the Board shall be at the discretion of the Board. The Committee will submit a written report for publication in the Annual Reports to the congregation.