The Importance of Loafing

10 am
Celebrant: Lyra Halsten

“Loafing” is the word offered up by the Chinese inventor and author Dr. Lin Yutang in his book The Importance of Living (1937). Dr. Lin, born in China in 1895, studied at Harvard University and spent many years in New York City. His observations on American and Chinese culture, written more than 80 years ago, resonate strongly with our lives today despite changes in both societies. Relax with Rev. Jennifer Brooks as she offers languid encouragement to appreciate one of summer’s greatest pleasures: loafing.

Special music by Kellie Patterson

All are Called

10 am
Celebrants: Kellie Patterson, Kate Allen

Members share their poignant memories and stories that inspired them after attending General Assembly in Kansas City.
Special music by Frankie Bell.

Principles and Promises

Watch the Video (YouTube link)

The approach of Independence Day reminds us of the principles that form the idea of America: all are created equal with inherent rights, and the government is created by the people to serve the people. These ideas resonate with our seven UU principles: the inherent worth of every person; the use of democratic process in our congregations and in the world. Shared principles, clearly stated, carry with them an implicit promise that we will act together to make them live vibrantly in our political and religious life. This Sunday, Rev. Jennifer Brooks offers an assessment: how have we lived into the principles and promises on which America was based, and in our life as Unitarian Universalists?

Special music by Quinn Emison Clair