Earth Day

9:15 & 11 am
Celebrant: Susan Gross

As we celebrate Earth Day, new leaders are emerging to call us to care for the Earth. In Juliana v. US, 20 impassioned youth ranging in age from eight to 19 have asked a federal court to require the United States to intervene effectively to protect the Earth against climate change. All of them, even the youngest, have both a deep appreciation of the natural world and a track record of environmental activism. In this service for all ages, we share some of their inspirational stories and their legal “Prayer for Relief.” First Unitarian children and youth share the experiences that led these young people to bring a lawsuit.

Embracing the Millipede

Watch the Video (YouTube link)

In our world, the wide diversity of religious tradition and practice too often is the basis for division. Unitarian Universalism encourages us to see religious diversity as an opportunity to be open and curious about other religious traditions. This month’s worship theme, “Emergence,” asks us to consider not only the ways in which our own beliefs define the immanent, but also how we can emerge from the cocoon of our assumptions and open to the full diversity of Life.