The Single Story

Celebrant, Birch Spick

Rev. Linda McCrae from Central Christian Church in Indianapolis. Her uncle is UU minister Eugene Pickett. She’s visiting Des Moines as part of the annual meeting of the Disciples of Christ. She will be preaching on the commonalities between our faith traditions.


What are the commitments that connect us across faith traditions? Our guest speaker today is Rev. Linda McCrae, who was born in Des Moines and is the niece of renowned UU minister Rev. Eugene Pickett. She grew up in Indianapolis as a member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and was influenced by a broad range of people and theological perspectives, including those of her uncle. She has since lived in various places in the U.S. and Latin America, and now serves as pastor of Central Christian Church in Indianapolis. Our welcome of Rev. McCrae to our pulpit coincides with the Des Moines annual meeting of the Disciples of Christ. Please extend a warm UU welcome to Rev. McCrae and visitors who may be here attending the Disciples conference.


Everyday Avengers

Celebrant, Kate Allen


When events of today swirl around us like a rising tide of doom, we may wish for superheroes to come and save the day. But sometimes superheroes need a helping hand. Join Lyra Halsten on July 14, 2019 to learn how we can become Everyday Avengers and save the day ourselves. Children and adults are encouraged to wear their favorite super- or everyday hero and heroine costumes. (Fire fighters, teachers, and medical professionals count!) Or come as yourself, because you’re a hero to someone too!

Beginning Again


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In Rev. Jennifer’s final Sunday as Interim Senior Minister, the ending is in fact a beginning—yet another beginning, as is the way of life. Rev. Jennifer reflects on the life lessons she’ll be taking with her from her time among us. After the service, we’ll celebrate our journey together with a special farewell (which will include cake).